Sunday, April 8, 2012

In the Neighborhood

Easter. Without any Easter candy. And it is colder outside than I thought. But I have been inside all day writing a paper about an anti-fascist women's group in Italy during the Nazi Occupation. I needed a walk. Somehow in the two months I have lived in this neighborhood, I have never been to the huge park down the street. So off I went, with my camera and my head full of Easter snot.
Something I like about Milan, is that it is only fancy on the surface. A German I met in Prague said Milan smelled like urine and is covered in graffiti. True. And there are tiny dogs and dog poo everywhere. Except, for some reason, in the dog area of the park. Instead there are these lonely benches. I like Milan for its scruffiness for its we're not downtown who cares about cutting the grass. Families walked through the park, a little girl spoke to her dad on a walkie talkie (I can't believe they still make those things).
There is a pedestrian bridge over the busy 4 lane road you have to cross. Later I realized the road is the same Kerry and I used when taking a taxi from the train station. From the top of the bridge, you can see the Alps and downtown. I made it home, now I'm gonna snuggle in and draw all night.