Saturday, April 28, 2012

World Class Procrastinator

 my favorite milan park

There should be awards for this.  Though I have been getting a lot of other things done today, even if my paper is not written.  After watching 2 clips of Family Ties on youtube, I realized I should at least go and enjoy the day.  There is a smartly-placed gelato stand between the park and the church piazza in my neighborhood.  I favor the park because, at this point, it feels like an old friend.  Now I know that the looking orange building is not abandoned but a library.  The park was filled with teens in the grass, daughters strolling with their mothers, and me.  I have been reading Primo Levy's If This Is a Man  angry that I had not read it earlier, that I had not heard of it, and I wonder if I would've understood it earlier.  The horror of it is not in the dramatic retelling of atrocities but of the lack of drama.

In other procrastinations, after Italian class the other night I went to the cafe near school with the lovely garden seating and had a glass of wine and drew.  While I did, the waiter stood at the bar and drew my table from his perspective.  One day I will have many drawing to share with you.

cloister at Santa Maria della Grazie

And for my last short story, I am preparing to leave Milan, physically and mentally.  I like it here but I am ready to be moving.  It is a lot to think about and the other day the thoughts came too fast so I returned the the cloister at Santa Maria della Grazie to see the frog fountain.  Thanks, guys.