Sunday, April 8, 2012


Returning to my story in reverse, before Brno, I spent three nights in Vienna, known in all else of Europe as Wein. Which suddenly makes linguistic sense of Weiner dogs and Weiner Schnitzel. It was bigger than I thought and I walked and walked around the old town my first night until I found a tiny vegetarian restaurant. The waiter was sweet and reassured me "there is time" when I seemed flustered. Along with Czech, I speak no German. And confusingly, I sometimes revert to Italian when I get flustered. It was warmer in Wein so after dinner I walked around the Rathaus, the city hall.
There was so much to see and it was too nice out to spend all day inside museums, so I chose a few. Mostly, I went to see Egon Schiele and other Viennese artists of the early 20th century. When I tired of these artists issues with women,(fear, madonna/whore, faceless or my "favorite" redemption of bad mothers), I went for a walk in a park. I was staying near the Schonbrunn Palace so I took the tram there one evening, after the palace was closed.
I didn't want a tour of the fancy insides but the palace grounds have been open to the public, even when the Hapsburgs were ruling. The palace is on a hill, above Vienna (it was their summer palace, and the hill continues up to a giant monument and a wonderful view of Vienna and the sunset.
Back in town, the city has a bike loan program that is easier than any other I've seen. I borrowed a bike my first morning and rode entirely around the old town, plus a few detours where the wonderful bike path seemed to end. I seem to have a magic touch for turning a bike path to a cobblestone dead end. I borrowed a bike a few times to get between sights and to explore. I stopped at a few cafes for expensive coffee and cake, though it was usually worth it just to sit and draw for an hour or two. Yes, on vacation I mostly ride my bike, drink coffee and draw. The closer I can get my regular life to that, the better it will be. Maybe in the summer, you can add swimming.