Monday, May 21, 2012

Lazy Days

the baptistry at Pisa 

Here's a secret: I am an unambitious traveller right now. Ok, my ankle has been freaking out a little and I overpacked and that combination makes long walks unfun. So , I got to Pisa, sat in front of the tower and thought, yup, it leans. It is actually neat to see, so I sat in the grass in front of it, listening to Amps for Christ and not worrying about anything. Then came the grey cold weather that is not a part of summer in my head. My favorite place in in Pisa: the post office in Piazza Victor Emmanuel. Beautiful and helpful. And not very far from this Keith Haring mural that is in this city for reasons unknown to me.
Keith Haring was here

 My second day in Pisa I thought I would try out Lucca, the prettier sister to the north. Really I wanted to go back to the beach but since I was in Pisa...the rain has been following me like a gloomy omen. I try and not let it spoil my day which is how I walked in circles around Lucca, half limping, half in the rain. I know better than to complain. Because it is still beautiful. I sat in a cafe, ordered coffee and a cookie and drew. The waiter told me that they say "cappucio" in Lucca too (as opposed to cappucino) that it isn't a Milanese thing. Still, I might stick to espresso in Rome till I figure it out.
lonely bench in Lucca

view from the wall surrounding Lucca