Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh The Places You'll Go!

the streets I wandered
My last day in Milan, I had written in capitol letters on my to-do list: ENJOY. Because sometimes I felt like I let days slip away in our apartment. I borrowed a bike, got lost, did some New Orleans-style wrong-way-down-a-one-way tricks and, obviously, had a great time. I dropped off the bike at the rack and looked at the map. I could get on the subway for the last 4 stops. But I had never seen the transition from the Milan where I walked and the Milan where I lived. So I walked home. The walk itself was fine, sunny, urban, but when I reached the streets I recognized, it made a little more sense out of a city that continuously reveals that it has more secrets. I have been marking a map of my walks since my arrival and this is the result. You can almost see my neighborhood way at the top.
Before I left Milan, I tried to visit a few close by places. Like Switzerland. You can take a train to a lake, a boat across the lake and there you are. I didn’t stay long in Lorcarno, which was grey and a little touristy. The boat ride was fantastic, three hours of slowly pulling towards shore, towards another tiny old resort town, the yellow plaster and art nouveau Italian towns morphing into cleaner, more minimal Swiss towns.
On the train through the Alps back to Stresa, Italy, I met a Swiss man who loved photography. We had a long conversation about art and passion. At Domolodosso, he switched trains to Bern and I headed for Milan, making it home in time for a late dinner. What a weird weird 3 ½ months its been.