Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Swim of the Year

the liguarian sea 

Someone recently told me they were underimpressed by the Cinque Terre, that they had been to beautiful tropical places that were just as pretty. Others, with more sense, stay for as long as they can. I limited myself to three nights which now, sitting in a clean, sterile hostel after a gloomy day inland, I wish I hadn't left. Yeah, sometimes it is romantic to leave while the going is good, to not spoil first magical impressions. And maybe I'll never go back. It was a little busy while I was there and I can imagine how overrun it gets later in the season. But it was still early enough to get a spot on the beach, even if I was cold for hours after I swam in water which was the most perfect color in the world.
hiking among grapes and lemons

this is still italy,afterall