Saturday, May 5, 2012

Temporal Amnesia

 at the park in Torino

In Italian, tempo means time or weather. Not in english. I'm using it this way here because "meteorological amnesia" doesn't sound right. I mean time and weather. I was trying to explain this to a friend to describe my feelings about spring in Milan. Some days, I wake up, walk to the grocery store and the sky is so clear and thick with color. The trees are breathing and everything seems possible. It is hard not to smile. This morning was like this. But as I left the grocery, I could see the clouds.

sitting on the Po River, Torino

The rain here isn't like in Louisiana, where it is so humid the rain has to be aggresive to get noticed. It rains hard here but not for long. But the grey sticks. And wipes out any memory of a sunny morning. It is dark. We abandon all plans to go out. I've tried but everyone seems inside, snuggled in until it is over. I stay home for days studying (or procrastinating). Sometimes the sun will return and we forget the rain. The air warms right up to a perfect comfortable temperature and we go out for coffee again, or I walk around.

good night

At night they grey will slowly fade but when it is clear, the sun is up late. And when it finally sets I have this nearly full moon out my window.