Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting Ready

Ah...one month back in the U.S. and I feel a little more sorted, relaxed, ready for postcard planning and fun work to begin. Unfortunately, I still have to move so most of my stuff is still in boxes (and all of it should be soon--we leave in 10 days), sitting in the sad sad van that will be left behind and is currently my storage space. I finally feel like looking at some of the things I collected during my travels, the papers and the sketches, my ideas for what I want to make in the coming year. And I found a new place for my stamps--this tin box complete with music bit Alec gave me and a tin rooster that was on my bike basket that now belongs to Jenn. Also, I have started assembling date books again. It might take another rainy night to finish them but slowly, slowly, all of me is back in one place, mind, body and the boxes.