Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Slow Time

In August, people who can leave New Orleans for at least a few days. The constant heat and humidity, relentless even at night, wears on you. You have to slow down. I've always liked this chance to visit friends who are still in town, drink a lot of cold beverages, sit on the river, ride around at night sweating. Also it gives me a legitimate reason to sit inside for hours and do the things I have been meaning to do like finally post images of postcards I printed in Italy. Also I have been sorting through my secret stash and posting things on etsy for sale, including a deal for subscribing to Keep Writing. Until September 10th, you can get nine months of postcards for the price of six.
Maybe you are unimpressed by this since I haven't sent a postcard since I left Barcelona (approximately half a life ago). However, I was happy to visit John Fitzgerald at his shop. He allowed me to print the text for this month's postcard and may even let me back so I can print one more Louisiana postcard. As you will see, I did not print the image side of this one, but bought 140 postcards while in Europe, mostly in Italy, almost all of them of places I visited. Some are awesome photo collages of major sites, some are weird light pre-photoshop fancies...you will have to wait and see what you get. They will go in the mail today.
It isn't all work for me. Yesterday we dropped the van off uptown to hopefully relieve it of some of its troubles before we drive it across country. We biked bike slowly, stopping for iced coffee, racing when we thought it was about to downpour, and stopping to admire what is easily the best part of the Bywater Art Lofts, gates made by my friend Rachel at Red Metal. If it sounds like New Orleans is trying to woo me to stay, don't worry, a giant cockroach flew into head last night while riding around. Thank you for the sense of equilibrium, New Orleans.