Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More About the Ladies

Since returning from the Ladies of Letterpress Conference, I have been excited to start working on new projects. Because I can't bust out all my supplies right now, it means I have been trying to update my etsy site and make more books while searching for a press to borrow here in town so I can print postcards. I am not frustrated at all because every evening the sun sets on the lavender shed behind the house and I escape for a ride through the neighborhood, usually running into at least one person I know.
I promised more information about the conference. There was a screening of "Proceed and Be Bold," a documentary about Amos Kennedy. Kennedy and the director of the film were in attendance to answer questions and provoke the audience. It was a bit of metaphorical shaking for those in attendance but welcome by most. Many panels addressed business concerns for the many small business owners. My friend Lisa, of ilfant press was on a panel about exploring possibilities of handset type. I took three pages of notes including a reminder to ask her for her slides demonstrating some of the techniques. She says she will post some of them on her website soon.
Back at home, I found some knitting Matt Henderson gave me last winter at LSU which I dunked in paper pulp. Not all of the experiments were successful but I will add it to the collection of tricks accumulating in my brain.