Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Me and Sophocles

Ah-ha! Some of my technological problems have been solved and now I can post photos of the past three weeks. I have organized them into themes so maybe it will make some sense of what is going on.

First, this is a very silly photo of me with a bust of Sophocles, an ancient Greek philospher. I was taking arm's length self-portraits in the Naples Archeological Museum. This is the first place I went in Naples, right off the train. It houses most of the artifacts from Pompei, which is why the actual site is eerily empty. I didn't take very good notes on what I was photographing, so maybe there is a history buff who will correct me.

Maybe you think ancient sculputure looks the same to you, white marble, idealized body types. But this table stand from the mid 2 century depicts a shipwreck. The gods of the sea are pulling sailors under, the sea dogs tearing at their arms.

Also, there is this alabaster scultpture of Artemis, the goddess of nature or fertility, depending who you ask. Also up for debate is whether she is covered in many breasts or, as my guidebook suggests, the scrotum (scrota ?) of many sacrificed bulls. Either way, she is made of a few different colors of stone, with increidble detail and action all over. There are tiny lions walking up her arms.

I spent a good bit of time in the museum, finally stepping out into the evening. I was warned about the drivers in Naples and I quickly became very assertive crossing the street. In a quieter part of town, I took this photo of a narrow street, laundry out to dry. Nothing to hide in Naples.
(Note the altar on street level. I'll quiz you on it later.)

One more note: I don't think I will ruin anything by telling you that the postcards for July will be sent from Italy. I have been drawing everyday and will have one hundred of them by the time I leave Vencice. I am posting some of them here because I want you to see them, too. Maybe I will post all one hundred when I am through.