Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Urban Planning Ideas

When I was in New York, Alec suggested that they ban the sale of bottled water in the city and install fountains for drinking and filling reusabel containters. I doubted the feasability of it. And this is why Rome was considered so great: drinking fountains all over the city. Some of them are more fountain like than others but the non-drinkable ones are clearly labled, which means you can assume all others are for your hydration. Of course, Rome also had an incredible system of aquaducts.
The flip side of beautiful water is the Tiber River. I am not sure what makes it so green but this is a waterfall creating a little fountain of garbage.

I wrote to my friend in Berlin who seems very excited to have me visit. Recently, the city reopened an abandoned airport as a park. He says people fly kites, barbeque. He also says it isn't too far from his house and we will go for sure. I am hesitant to leave Italy just as I sort of figure some of my way around, but there is so much else to see!