Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not Just Old Stuff

In Rome, in the Church of Santa Maria del Populo, there is a fantastic painting by Carravaggio depicting the crucifixion of St. Peter. It was drizzling and grey the day I went. People huddled around the image as if its stark lighting might offer warmth. Also in this church are two recent art works. I don't generally associate the Catholic Church with new artworks and I was surprised. Both were references to crucifixion. This one, above, is made of six metal spikes breaking through the canvas, dramtically lit. The work is credited to Giovanni Manfredini and is titled "VIVI" which is the pattern of the protrusions of spikes. He also had another piece which was more difficult to photograph that was untitled.

On a much lighter concept, I saw these paper sculptures in a store window while walking around Florence. I am bot sure what they were thinking as they rolled pages from a book and them stitched them together but I am sure I will be borrowing that idea.