Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wish You Were Here

I got lost going from the center of Seina to the hostel. Twice. Last night I was trapped in a maze of apartments and dead end streets. I asked an italian police officer for help. I thought his directions were some sort of joke on me but finally I found the hostel. I also found these buildings, with bright colorful glass.

The next morning, I followed the windy, narrow road, with no pedestrian path, and found this lovely Tuscan scene: poppies and olive trees. I didn't get run over taking this photo either. Tonight I made peace with this town and walked all the way home from the old town. I passed this "beware of dogs" sign. On my way to dinner, I realzed that there is a bus stop right behind the hostel. So close and convenient. I am ready to return to Frascati.