Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From One LA to Another

My friend Jason is originally from Louisiana but he lives in Los Angelos now. He is good listener. Which is why it does not surprise me that he co-authored a book with Juanita Leonard called "Juanita's Hard Times Bus on Hwy 71". It is a collection of her stories and his photographs of the folk art wonder she created in North Louisiana. And now they are published and for sale. If you are in New Orleans you can get a copy at the Ogden. Or you can click on the link and purchase it online. If you do that, all the proceeds go to Juanita.

Cookie day again but things were so frantic at school (that is, in my head) that I forgot to share. So I guess I will share them tomorrow. Salted almond cookies with oats. Seriously.

Sunday I missed a lecture downtown because I was trying to photograph these five little buddies. I don't think I can use thisimage as a slide for a juried show but I know y'all appreciate it.