Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yet Another Saturday Night

How can you make everything hinge on a moment? My brain and body are working against logic right now so it's no coffee and no complex sentences. Which is going to make essay writing difficult. Meanwhile, there is this lovely pile of postcards on my coffee table awaiting addresses. I somehow forgot to mention on them that they are printed on handmade paper recycled from fancy paper scraps. It is soft pink and lovely to letterpress onto, once I was sure they were consistent enough and not harming the type. Also in the photo are three rolls of washi tape, because I have not decided on which to use.

Earlier this week I made these chai spice shortbread cookies with chocolate chips. We moved our outdoor table around the corner of the house and suddenly it is more inviting. Also, thanks to "autumn" it is now possible to comfortably breathe while sitting in the sun. Things are pretty good around here.