Sunday, October 16, 2011

"So, How's School Going?"

No joke, this is how I feel. Even after a day or two off for pumpkin carving, fancy cocktails, napping, and casual, meandering bike riding, I'm back to this. No complaints though. Trying to make time for friends, keeping things in perspective and remembering that in February I am going to Milan for 4 months of school! How's that for a last semester of undergrad. Of course, at the moment I should be studying for an Italian midterm. But it takes me so long to update y'all. Here it is:

These are posters I screened for an upcoming show in Baton Rouge. I will be there indeed. Even if I have to drive straight back from the New Orleans Bookfair, which I will. Andy asked me to do these before Circle Takes the Square was added to the show even though it looks like I should be getting parital credit in from them this semester.

But here are the goods. A detail from one of the panels I have been working on. Lovely. The image is something Lorraine sent me. I love it. Now back to conjugating verbs.