Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The multiple to-do lists in my head are not as organized as I thought. Here are a few things I forgot to tell you about the last week:
1. After missing one week because of schedule confusions (I mean, I forgot)I made cream cheese brownies for seminar. Vegan of course. Please reference this most wonderful recipe book for information.
2. Coconut magic is in the oven. Same cookbook. I may not make all one hundred recipes but I sure am trying.
3. Did I mention I am studying in Milan for the spring? That is one whole section of the to-do list. So much paperwork.
4. The other night, while house sitting for Andy's sister, I took a relaxing hot bath in a giant spa-like tub, read the new issue of Harper's, and did not think about to do lists. Weirdly, the tub was lit by an overhead chandelier.
5. Even weirder was the cop who came to the open side door in the morning, gun drawn, concerned we were home invaders. That's what you get for having a big ol'van in a nice neighborhood. The cop took my id, put his gun away, ran the license plate number and did his job without apology. Not my favorite Monday morning. No more guns pointed at me this week is what I am hoping for. Thank you neighborhood watch. Good job, we were watched. We returned to our neighborhood.