Sunday, November 4, 2012

Studio Preview

Ben did all the hard work of getting the press across the country and into the shop so I could at least organize a little. I tried to show off our garage studio to Kyle when she was in Oakland for a night but I couldn't remember the combination to the shop. Embarrassing. So one day last week I got to work.
I listened to "I am Love" in Italian while unpacking boxes of ink and sorting broken trays of type(mine, not Ben's). The movie is in Italian but they keep the title in English. Most of it takes place in Milan. Sigh. A little nostalgia while moving forward.
The light in the studio is great. Skylights and a door that opens to a sliver of the street. A sneaky way to get light and sky without being open to the street. Next month's postcard might be polymer plates but I am excited to start setting type!