Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Morning Inspiration

Sometimes I wake in the morning, and sit at my desk at write letters. Lately, as I have mentioned, I have been cooking instead. Which is why, at 8:30 this morning after an unexpected night of dancing, I hopped out of bed for Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes (from the Veganomican Cookbook).
Sugar and tea fueled, I lit the incense on the windowsill (thanks Darin), with our makeshift altar to things built and things grown, and got to work.
First, lots of datebooks to be made. I have 11 on my desk, all ready for binding. One a day until I run out of covers. I am getting a late start on the holiday making for selling but I won't be empty handed.
Yesterday, as it drizzled endlessly and I fought the endless sinus infection, I finally assembled the 3D Vandercook I have had in my room for a few weeks. If only you could see the tiny press sheet already printed with "urgent". Just wait, wintertime. Soon as holiday selling ends, we will be in the garage on the Vandercook, finally giving it the attention it deserves.