Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moving into the Print Shop

Burrito night is what happens when one or both of my roommates are not home, I work late and I realize that if I will be required to cook for myself, I will eat pasta with butter for dinner (again).  But I live in California, where the burritos are plentiful and cheap.  Afterwards I still feel like doing something, even if that something is writing about my dinner to you.

Behold, I have finally posted  Keep Writing #47 and  #46.  If you look closely and pay attention, you will realize they are both numbered 46.  That is what happens when you prepare files late at night.  In a few months I will be handsetting type again, but while the Center for the Book is still unpacking and setting up, I will print where I can.  Including at Painted Tongue Press (where I work).  Printing post cards on a Heidelburg Windmill, that's right.

thrift store score--the tea pot 

our cat-centric fridge

For the next two weeks or so (and the past one) I will be at home printing, or at Painted Tongue or at the Center for the Book.  Don't fear, last week I had a chance to make the house look pretty and sit and drink tea in the ktichen for hours.

from a book of photos of signs
a post card i made two years ago

And while we were walking around Berkeley a few weeks ago, working up an appetite for giant vegan cinnamon rolls, Andy and I found this in a book .  Weird.