Saturday, January 5, 2013

Staying Busy, Staying Warm

mug from heath ceramics, and handwarmers from andrea
 Anyone who has known me for more than a few days knows that I have no problem staying busy.   Even with most of my jobs on some kind of hiatus this week, I have plenty to do.  Like make my room a little more homey, print in our garage studio, scheme new projects and bake.  (See the Smitten Kitchen cookbook for the popcorn cookie recipe.  They are the ultimate party cookie and we are making this weekend a party by baking these two nights in a row.)  I have a harder time staying warm, despite my deep down Yankee blood, but a few Christmas gifts from Andrea are helping out.

sara white's invitation to me

One thing keeping me busy for a few minutes was a drawing for Sara White's upcoming project in New Orleans.  She sent me an invitation to do a drawing for her.  I think she is making prints of the drawings she receives. I can't wait to see it.

desk and wall of postcard inspiration
For the new year I finally made a few more datebooks for the procrastinators like me.  I also have started printing at home and offered a special to subscribers of Keep Writing postcards which will keep me busy with custom orders for a little bit.  I would love to spend more of my time printing at home (with baking breaks), and so if you have been waiting to get something letterpressed, write to me at .  I have been slow to offer custom services because I still do not own my own press.  Too much moving around and debt to be able to invest. Also, for most of my adult life, I have been able to work part time at a job I may or may not have liked but was able to have free time for writing zines, learning to print and volunteering at a community bike shop.  Now that I am done with school and I have a degree in printmaking (ha!) I feel more like maybe my work time and free time activities should merge more.  Not to mention I have lost a lot of my patience for food service.  The question comes--how do I do what I love, earn a living and  continue to love what I do.  I am still figuring that out.  For now that means collaborating as much as I can, asking to work with people I love and whose work I love.  Also, I remind myself why I love printing--because making multiples of something means you can distribute, share, and hopefully connect with more people. So, here I am.  Let's work on something.

the newest datebooks