Friday, January 18, 2013

Top Ten of 2012

I won't even begin to explain how I've been behind on everything lately. Things take twice as long as I think and I can no longer stay up all night endlessly to finish one last thing. Maybe for 2013 I'll figure out how to feel healthier and more energetic but for now you get everything a little bit behind.Let's pretend we live in different time zones except that instead of hours, I am days behind you. When I have time, I have been reading the top ten lists of old friends and acquaintances at Remote Outposts and I am feeling inspired. I will give it a go.

1.; My 35th birthday. About six months before my birthday, I was still in Baton Rouge, and it suddenly occurred to me that I would turn 35 when I returned from Italy. And it suddenly seemed old. Not real old, but a solid adult age.  I got over that fast and for my birthday we strapped a tiny tape player to my bike and rode around New Orleans.I ate sweet things and savory things, and walked barefoot in this weird weird plaza.Andy is great birthday company.

2.Sicily with my sister. My sister took a ten day vacation from her job to drive around Sicily with me. Our days were packed with winding drives and amazing views and lots and lots of pastries.  Oh! and the greatest meals. Plus we climbed a volcano and I took a nap near the top and we went swimming...

3. History of Resistance class in Milan taught by an Italian professor outlining the situation of Jews under fascism in Italy. One of out field trips was a walking tour of unmarked monuments in the city center, such as the building where the first meeting of the Fascists was held.

4.Swimming. Somehow, Andy has stuck around for almost 4 years despite my almost daily want to swim and his aversion to water. He is the best most patient coffee drinker/pizza eater while I swam at Atrani and as many other places I could.

5. Post-hurricane Second Line A few days before we moved to Oakland, a hurricane hit New Orleans. We hunkered down with friends who made great food and drinks and when it was over, our friends lead us to the bayou for their "band practice". I saw a lot of people I've known since I moved to New Orleans. It was dark and hot when we got home, a great goodbye.

6. Letterpress letterpress letterpress. How lucky could I be to move into this great house, share it with 2 great people, 2 cats (of varying greatness), with a vandercook in the garage. Down the street from a printshop who employs me to print for them. Across the bay from a non-profit center for book arts where I keep learning to print better and better.

So by now you've realized I have no music, books or movies to tell you about. I tend to watch the same movies over and over, in Italian if I can. The same with music, really. I am in no position to tell you the best of these things since I only have a few references for each category. Also, if I keep thinking of it, I will just tell you more about my favorite places I went in the past year. Which is fine, but maybe instead I will start reading more and stop watching the same 3 movies in Italian. Maybe next year I will have some books and zines for you. For now, I'm working with what I've got.