Friday, February 3, 2012

Che bella luce!

My third day in Milan I slept in a little. It stopped snowing and the sun was out. I stopped in the park near my apartment to check on its post-snow progress. It was covered and quiet and lovely.

I had planned on running errands for school, getting permits and passes and such but I forgot my passport at home. After navigating the Italian university cafeteria (wine as a fountain drink!) and a necessary post-meal coffee, I accepted the sun and relatively warm weather as a gift, busted out the map and walked to the duomo.

Maybe I don’t mind the snow because it is not as cold as it could be. There is no ice and the sun was out. By the time I got the duomo, it was mid-afternoon and the light was lovely. The snow stuck to the many outcroppings on the building, on outstretched arms of saints, and to tree branches.

I walked around the Galleria, window shopping, bought a book in English and Italian, felt so smart for navigating it all in Italian. The sun was going down, the moon was coming out. I passed the public gardens, the moon was coming out. I walked until it was almost dark, stopping at a sleek bar for a drink and snacks. By then, the long walk and lovely light had its toll. I am not sure what I was saying to the waiter, but immediately an English-speaking waitress helped, gave me the “house special” and I sat myself, embarrassed. But the best thing about embarrassing yourself in front of strangers is, well, they are strangers. And I may never see them again. So I sat at a table near the window, watched the last of the day’s light disappear between the buildings, and took the subway home.