Monday, February 20, 2012

School Days

You don't have to be wicked smart to know that studying something in the place where it originated is pretty awesome. Primary sources. Last week, my renaissance art class went to the Santa Maria della Grazie church, mostly famous for housing the last supper but also interesting architecturally. Our class got a private tour from a Dominican Friar who was patient with our questions and picture-taking.

I have an hour between lunch and class. When it is cold or raining, I study in the library. But some days, I walk around the block. The sunny days have been wonderful.

Almost every day I walk up this twisting staircase to the 4th floor for class, or to snag a free postcard. Lots of looking up lately. It is cold and rainy today in Milan but I've started thinking about other places I want to visit. For tomorrow though, there is this staircase.