Thursday, February 2, 2012


Andy took this photo of our kitchen on Lover's Lane where neither of us now live. My last weeks there I realized just how cozy it was and how I would miss it.

I arrived in Milan to sun and a little snow on the ground. I did not know that the first real snow of the season was coming and I would spend two days walking to and from the Metro in slow falling snow. I've been taking wrong turns, some accidental, some intentional, but I have been discovering good things. Like the veggie friendly take out place where I can get pizza pie, or veggie burger Italian style and fruit or juice, all with my meal ticket from school. I also found a park near my house where I walked for a bit on my way home the other day.

I sleep under a big window with a good skyline of buildings and a tree. I took this photo at night as more snow fell. The accumulation isn't much, its more atmospheric, but after ten winters in Louisiana, it reminds me of living in a snowy city.

When I got to my apartment, I immediately taped maps and posters to my new wall. Which I immediately had to remove because I was in the wrong room. But here is my new room, complete with calendar from Pegacorn Press (thanks for the trade Caroline!) , traveling advice from Bremelo Press and handmade paper from Amy Jacobs that I have had with me for a few years.

The snow is on the ground, it is bright, and I finally slept a bunch. Time to explore!