Friday, February 24, 2012

Scenes From Home

It is warmer in Milan, and sunny, even if the haze hangs on. I've been outside a lot lately and I have things to show you but today I was a little lazy. First, because it is sunny and wonderful and this is the view outside my window.

Also, last night I stayed up late printing postcards! I have a new purple pen for writing so they should be on their way in a week or so. I had a few minor difficulties and used most of a tube of ink on the first color. This will only make the last postcard here that much more exciting as I run out of things or realize they really are broken. Turns out gocco prints don't dry as fast as I thought so they are a little sloppy and I took over the whole kitchen.

I cleaned off my nightstand today, which doubles as a tiny desk. I also bought some water-soluble pencils at the art store and started making postcards with the left over passport photos I have. First, it seems like everything here requires an id card which requires a form and at least 2 photos. That means there are photo booths in most of the subway stops. I have many tiny pictures of myself trying not to blink at the flash.