Monday, May 24, 2010


Turns out, I have forgotten most of the italian I may have learned last summer. This morning while trying to pick up a packet for school at the copy shop, a man asked me what language I speak. Since Mumble is not an international language, Gesturing would suffice.

I made it to Frascati, just outside Rome, in good time only to get lost looking for the hotel. I suspect it is good sport for locals to watch us try and get around. I wonder if this is an indication of what it will be like to get around Rome.

I have photos for you but I can't get them onto the computer yet.

Tomorrow we start wandering the city as part of my art history class. While this is not the most economical way to visit Rome, I should know a lot about medival Roman architecture when I leave.

This town is small, on a hill, just ourside Rome. My roommate and I have counted no fewer than five gelati shops. Yesterday in the main piazza there was a group of people of varying ages playing drums and singing. The only word I could read was 'yoga' and there was something like the laying of hands going on. Italian New Agers? Maybe. For now I am sticking to coffee and walking in circles.