Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where I've Been

In the basement of the Natural History Museum, there is a printshop. I have been arriving first, unlocking the door, wiping the humidity from my arms, turning on the lights and getting to work. I was never the last to leave. I sometimes ate two meals a day on the stainless steel tables, my food tasting slightly of Comet and emulsion. Now the best of what I made rests wrapped in glassine in cardboard, awaiting inspection by my professor. I am going to post some of it here. Then celebrate. This is what I have been doing.
This is something I worked on a few months ago. It is a lithograph printed on hand made paper. The white and yellow are part of the paper and the text is letterpressed. It is about 11x 17 inches and less menacing than the images that came before it. I wanted to make prints that might inspire people.

This is my final project. After breaking a litho stone with the original image (yikes!) I made a screen print of it and printed them on handmade paper. The paper is pale yellow with a watermark pattern and it did not survive the scanner. This is the same image on translucent drafting paper. It is about 12 x 7 inches. Maybe some day I will get a good photo of the watermaked paper for you.

It wouldn't be fair to show you these yet because I have not mailed them but here is number 18 in the Keep Writing series of postcards. This is a silk screened collaboration with Walker Mettling currently of Providence, RI, and former roommate. Read about his future death here:
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I've been writing away as if I don't have a project to hang. I will post more photos of other work soon.