Thursday, May 13, 2010

No, Thank You.

Some one sent me a link to a website. You know, someone you hardly know sends you somewhere because you have something in common. The internet makes it easy. So I looked at this website, slick design stuff, wine labels and such. Then I found tiny books. Very clean, crisp little silk screens and letterpress. I found contact information and wrote an email telling this stranger that I liked his little books and asked him if I could send postcards to him. I included a website address so that I might seem less creepy. As if by seeing that I send postcards to lots of strangers that would make me merely "eccentric" or "an artist" instead of a creeper. He responded and offered to trade. A few days later I received this little book in the mail and a nice letterpressed card. People still get it. Even strangers.
So thank you Bryan Kring. If you want to see his little books go to: .

Now, as promised, more school projects. I was hoping to get a picture of these in the skylight where I eventually hung them but things did not work out okay. In total, I made twenty-three hot air balloons out of different fibers, some of them with handmade paper sheets, and some with partially processed kozo fibers. These are some of the fifteen that I assembled and hung in a corner of the print shop.

And that's it for the semester. I'm going on vacation.